Selling A House Fast - Reasons To Sell To A Real Estate Investors

There are numerous reasons why you may want to sell your house fast at any given time. To mention a few: you may be facing bankruptcy, behind on payments, inheritance, divorce, job transfer, etc. These are very common problems and so, if you can relate, then you are not alone.

So, you want to sell your house fast, regardless of the reason, why is selling to a 'we buy houses' investor your best bet?

Well, selling your home to a real estate investor might not be your first instinct and might seem too unconventional. You might be wondering, why sell to an investor? Won’t I be forced to settle for less? I’m accustomed to using a real estate agent, so why not list the home and hope it sells quickly?

These are all solid questions for someone who is not adept with the real estate world. However, there are numerous reasons to sell your home to a ‘we buy houses quick’ company. In this post, we are going to cover some of those reasons and hopefully broaden your understanding of how a fast sale can be very beneficial.

Number 1: Real Estate Agents do Not Really do anything

I’m in no way disregarding real estate agents; they are great professionals. However, apart from putting your house on the multiple listing services and putting a for sale sign in the front yard. They do not really do much else to market your home. Ideally, they make a commission at your cost for their services. We buy homes companies, on the other hand, buy the house for their own portfolio to repair and sell or for rental purposes. As such, there is no need for you to pay a commission. Some investors even offer a wholesaling service for free as not all houses will fit into a person’s buying strategy. This is also great as even if they don’t purchase your home, they will market it to their fellow investors using their marketing money. Simply, they will help sell your home quickly even if they do not purchase it. Also, they market the properties to investors who are also looking to buy homes fast.

Number 2: No Repair Costs

When selling to an individual through a real estate agent, you will have to fix the house and make some upgrades to bring the house to full market value and make it suitable for the real estate market. Most retail buyers prefer buying a house that is move-in ready or has been repaired and updated to match the current trends. However, real estate investors will purchase properties that most individuals are not really interested in purchasing.

When you sell your home to an investor, you do not have to worry about the updates or the repairs. All that will be the investor’s problem as they will buy your home as-is. Yes, we buy houses companies usually purchase properties AS-IS, and therefore, you will not have to worry about them coming back if something goes wrong after closing the deal. BY selling your house to these investors, you don’t need to spend anything on repairs or renovations. This can be well worth as some fix-ups tend to cost thousands of dollars, not to forget the stress of dealing with repairers. Ideally, this also slows down the selling process when you want to sell your house fast

Number 3: The House becomes their Problem

Another great reason to sell to we buy houses investors would be the problems that you transfer to them. Most people in need to sell their homes quickly usually have houses that come with numerous hurdles and headaches. At times, nightmare tenants are the issue. Tenants can be a cause of a great deal of stress to landlords when it comes to damages. Vacant rentals can ideally be a huge problem. Also, the owner may have inherited the home and now has to pay for the upkeep, taxes, or even pay up the mortgage. Renovations, as earlier mentioned are another issue that is taken care of by the real estate investors interested in your home.

Another time-consuming and stressful issue is code violations. We buy houses investors are used to dealing with such a problem and actually deal with it more effectively than a person who is not used to having to deal with the city to resolve such matters. Simply, the issue is resolved using their money and not yours.

Therefore, for all the mentioned reasons, selling to we buy homes companies is usually the best option when you want to sell quickly. So if you find yourself in a situation where you need fast money by selling your home, consider using an investor in real estate. These people are in the business not only to make money but help people in bad situations.